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Life Cycle of Plants

01 Oct Life Cycle of Plants

Science tuition class in Miracle Learning Centre is fun and enriching. You will learn about the different aspects of Science and how to learn study skills too. If you do not like or understand science, you must definitely attend the science tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre to arouse and reignite your interest. Let us learn about the Life Cycle of Plants in this science tuition lesson.

Most plants grow from seeds and the seeds need to germinate before they can grow into new plants. There are 3 essential elements during germination. They are air(oxygen), water and warmth. Germination is when a seed begins to grow. The type of seed determines the temperature needed for the seed to germinate. Most seeds cannot grow in extreme temperatures either too hot (in a desert) or too cold (during winter).

A plant has 3 stages of growth. Firstly the seed obtains sufficient air, water and warmth in the ground and feed on its seed leaves within the seed. Then it begins to germinate. A seedling obtains food from the seed leaves. It starts making its own food (by photosynthesis) only after its first leaves develop. Its first leaves then appear after a few days later and the plant begin to make food for on its own. The roots also begin to grow and anchor the seedling to the ground. Many weeks later, flowers and fruits begin to appear. Flowers develop into fruits which has seeds in it. The fruit then ripens and the seeds within the fruit are used to grow more plants. Hence the cycle repeats itself.

For example, onion grows from buds inside onion. The bud develops into a shoot and gets its food from the leaves of the onion. As the leaves are exposed to air, the leaves will start making food in a process called photosynthesis. When there is excess food in the onion plant, the food is transported to the stem to produce new buds. If the old bud dies, the new bud can grow again. Plants grown from bulbs bear flowers and fruits in a shorter time than those from seeds.

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