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The Process Behind Wound Healing

The Process Behind Wound Healing

In today’s Science tuition at Miracle Learning Centre, we will look into an interesting story that is closely related to our daily lives. Have you ever wondered how does your wound recover and heal on its own? How is this possible and what is the mechanism behind this process? In today’s Science tuition, we will bring you through this 4-stage process of wound healing that help make your wounded skin stronger than before.

Being the largest organ in your body, your skin is made up of three different layers to help protect your body. To be able to protect the body well, the skin is required to have an action plan for healing itself when you get hurt. An open cut is an open doorway to bacteria and other pathogens, which is far more vulnerable to infection, so the body must act quickly to regenerate the epidermis. Regardless if its scratched, bruised or wounded, the different mechanisms within the skin will have to work together to rebuild and recover the skin.

Step 1: Forming of blood clot.
When there is an open cut, the red blood cells will first form a blood clot which helps stop the bleeding and create a temporary barrier that prevents pathogens from entering the open wound.

Step 2: The inflammation phase.
At this phase, your skin may start to turn red and swollen as this is the phase where your body sends white blood cells to capture and fight off any rogue bacteria that happened to get through.

Step 3: Forming connective skin tissue.
The third cell that will enter the wound would be the fibroblast cells which drops collagen that help to form connective skin tissues to replace the destroyed skin.
Step 4: Connection & Contraction.

Finally, it would be time for the dermis and epidermis to connect and contract to close the wound. And after this process, your skin would be healed!!

With this harmonious process that your body triggers when your skin is wounded, your nightmare of continuous flowing blood will not happen as your skin would be quickly sewn up and rebuild even stronger than before. We hope you enjoyed today’s lesson from Science tuition. Miracle Learning Centre will be back with more of such interesting stories in our next Science tuition so do stay tune!

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