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Scientists and Places

Scientists and Places

Chemistry is always stated by students and their parents as the most boring subject. This branch of Science has never been successful to attract the students towards it but we don’t abide by this. We believe that Chemistry is one subject which has the most exciting areas to learn about. And it is also the one subject in which you can actually work on various experiments inside the lab which makes it very exciting. But apart from all of this, Chemistry is extremely important for various branches of profession and Miracle Learning Centre has pledged to make you all fall in love with the subject.

The sciences that we have been studying in school – or intend to study in the upcoming future – are definitely going to help us in the long run because everything that surrounds us is scientific. Chemistry is a ramification of the said field and it has proven to be important, time and time again. However, it is ahold of several complexities; thus, it gets a little tough to be handled. Nonetheless, you must not forget that a Chemistry Tuition is right here to back you – as and when you need help.

The subject becomes interesting to study when you get to associate it with the events that occur in the world or with some trick. Thus, our Chemistry tuition is going to help you learn the little things about the subject with the aid of a huge number of facts.

Scientists are amongst the most important part of a Science subject and that holds true for Chemistry, too. So we are going to help you brush up your Chemistry knowledge with facts pertaining to them.

Did you know, there are only two scientists who have had the chance to have the name of an element be christened after them during their lives. They are Glenn Seaborg – after whom the 106th element Seaborgium is named – and Yuri Oganessian – after whom the 118th element Oganesson is named. Scientists even found ways of naming elements after their homelands, as a memorial. We are already aware of the elements francium, germanium, americanium and scandium. However, there are more. Nihonium was named after Japan – Nihon stands for the land of the rising sun. Ruthenium was named after Russia, Ruthenia stands for Russia in Latin. Similarly, Gallium was named after France since Gallia stands for France in Latin.

Such are the peculiarities at our Chemistry tuition which are going to help you keep track of the elements in the periodic table.

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