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Score more in Physics even if you are weak in Math

Score more in Physice 1

Score more in Physics even if you are weak in Math

Being weak or facing problems in maths is one thing but if you are weak in physics because you are weak in maths is completely a different thing. The main thing is that you shall not be facing the charges of being weak at maths twice especially when it comes to scoring in another subject. Physics may not have a big amount of maths involved, and it is more than just math. With some simple efforts blended with the right study techniques, this hurdle can be easily overcome and you can do well in physics.

The physics tuitions experts of Miracle Learning Centre are here to ask you to try these simple tips which will surely boost up your scores.

Memorize concepts rather than formulae

It’s not that formulae are not important, but for people who find it hard to memorize numbers and formulae, we would suggest that it is much easier to understand the logic which lies behind the formulae rather than straight memorizing it. If you can give words to your formulae and scenarios then there you will find a more intuitive way which is way more interesting. If making up little stories with examples seems to help you out in remembering the formulae then definitely try this method.

Try analyzing solved problems

If you are feeling clueless that from where should you begin with then this is what you need to do. Try looking up the answer keys to the questions of the exam and figure out how the problem requires to be solved. After a certain period of time, you will be able to notice patterns like for instance which formulae are being used for finding out certain things and how to substitute the right numbers into the formula. By going through a lot of past exam questions, you will also be able to see which are the most common questions which can appear. By figuring out how to solve these questions, you are guaranteed to comfortably pass the paper.

Try Practising a lot

This is a very common tip that you can find in every maths tuition. Maths is at the end of the day all about skill. It is something which can be improved with more and more practice and you will soon be able to get comfortable if you practice more. You may be terrible in maths or you may dislike it but practice will help you to know the steps needed for arriving at the answer. If you practice enough, you will definitely be able to learn the correct method of solving different types of problems even if you are not an expert.

Keep yourself motivated

Fear of mathematics begins with a dislike or weakness in the subject. This makes them like to put off the entire subject altogether and hate everything that is related to mathematics. But it is not required to be like that. You need a way to keep yourself motivated for learning the subject if you wish not to keep struggling with mathematics to carry over to physics. Once you have achieved the key to convincing yourself that learning physics is important for you and you want to do well in it, you will feel more motivated to face your dislikes and try your best to overcome it.

If you are having a really hard time to learn physics in any way, you should definitely opt for enrolling up in a physics tuition class. Under the guidance of a proper subject expert, it is more likely for you to receive effective instructions and improve your hold over the subject. They will let you know about some efficient study tricks which will help you to grasp physics concepts in the easiest manner.

Never let fear or mathematics take a toll on your physics grades. Try out these tips and conquer your fears.