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How to achieve more while studying less?

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How to achieve more while studying less?

Chemistry is one of the most interesting subjects of your curriculum as it comes with a wide range of real-life examples. But it is definitely one of the most disliked subjects among the students and they try their best to avoid it. But chemistry is a very important subject which should not be avoided and anyone can score well in this subject with a little dedication and hard work. But those of you who are not left with much time to restart again and have very less amount of time left for the exams, experts of Miracle Learning Centre, the best chemistry tuition of Singapore is here to show you how to score more while studying less. The performance or the preparation of your examination depends on a list of factors. Which are – how efficiently are you studying, the total number of your class learning time, the quality of knowledge you are getting.

When you begin your JC journey, it also gives rise to another milestone, and you are affected by new classmates, new environments, school culture, and teachers. The learning time of your class is fixed, also the targeted performance is fixed and this leaves you with only two variables which are learning quality in class and study efficiency. So to score more while studying less you should begin with –

Be more attentive in class

  1. Body and Mind

The hard work which is required for earning awesome grades is done by your mind but the performance of your mind depends on the state of your body. So ensure to keep your body and mind have an adequate amount of rest requires so that it can perform with the highest efficiency. If you are continuously suffering from bad health due to lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and inadequate exercise, then any study tricks or mind hacks in the world won’t help you.

       2. Try to sit in the front row

If you sit in the front row of your class then there are several benefits which you will be having. It will make a deliberate effort to help you keep your focus and be attentive. It can significantly boost your energy levels too. So yes, it begins the moment you enter the classroom and choose the best seats which are always right in the front.

Always be prepared

It is always better to go through the chapter before entering the class as it will help you to clearly have an idea that what is being taught in the class. Every teacher you meet will tell you to come prepared in the class and it’s not something new which you are hearing. Ensure to plan to prepare well in advance, set an alarm, or try to make a habit of checking the schedule coming up for the next few days. This will help you to create a habit of being prepared for every lesson. If you are attending a lecture, before entering you can prepare yourself by reading lecture notes, revising previous lessons. In case of tutorials, you can attempt the questions whenever you can figure out sometime in between the lessons.

Seek help from a tutor

It is not uncommon or weird to have problems understanding lessons in school. This is because every student has a preferred way of learning things, a definite style, and a definite pace which is not always possible in schools as there are so many students and almost impossible to provide personal care to everyone. So If you having problems in understanding the lessons in your school then you can definitely try chemistry tuitions in Singapore. But make sure that you clear all your doubts from the tutors because it is extremely important for scoring more. Remember that your tutors can’t just spoon-feed you everything and it is your effort which will bring grades in your exam. First, you need to try yourself before asking for help. Learn the chemistry terms beforehand and if you still face problems then you should definitely go to your tutor for help. If you are having problems with a question, then you should definitely try the 15-minute answering rule. In this method, you need to set a target of solving the question in 15 minutes. Start with writing down your thought process, the working, keywords, and others while keeping in mind that to help you out someone else will need those details.

Active Participation

The best way to deal with lecture-style classes is by participating actively. it is the best way to be active, continue speaking up in the class discussions, and note down all the important things. Don’t forget to note down the examples/explanations sighted by your tutor, all the analogies or diagrams will also help you. All of these notes will help you to break down the big concepts into easily digestible. As the notes are not written by you, so what you exactly are doing is trying to understand the content and how to utilize the notes more effectively while you are studying alone.

If you are looking for good chemistry tuition in Singapore, then you should definitely try checking out Miracle Learning Centre.