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Secondary and JC tuition at Miracle Learning Centre

Secondary and JC tuition at Miracle Learning Centre

For secondary, ‘O’ level and IP, our teachers are very experienced and specialized their area of expertise. We have chemistry-tuition.com on the first/second page of google search. There are many wonderful testimonials on how students have benefited from our Chemistry classes and many were also motivated to do more than they were initially prepared to do. They feel more confident about themselves and learnt that “IMPOSSIBLE” is known as I AM POSSIBLE. They learn that nearly everything is possible as long as they have the courage and perseverance to do it.

Learning Mathematics and Science is an enjoyable process at Miracle Learning Centre. From little successes, we build students’ confidence so that they want to strive and achieve more on their own. Learning Chemistry and Physics is not as challenging as many have imagined. At Miracle Learning Centre, we are able to explain concepts and pick up the main points for each topic. In this way, the students’ learning process has been made easier and more enjoyable.

Physics tuition is very prominent in Miracle Learning Centre as Physics is a topic that not many teachers can explain clearly. Our physics teachers are extremely well-versed in the Physics. They explain in a way that students understand the concept and can apply it to the physics examination questions. Physics practice questions are given to further reinforce the concepts and to further clarify doubts if any. You can be well assured that you or your child will soon understand and start to love physics. “Physick” would have become a thing of the past.

Miracle Learning Centre’s lower secondary science classes include all Chemistry, Physics and Biology topics. We cater to the topics taught in the various schools. For lower secondary science, various schools will cover different topics. Students need to be taught the correct topics in order for them to score well in the school examinations.

Miracle Learning Centre has compiled two separate formula sheets. One of them is the “Maths Formula Card” which covers nearly ALL the MATHS formula needed from secondary one to secondary four. It is very comprehensive indeed. The other is the “Science card”. It includes many of the important facts needed for Chemistry and Physics for secondary schools.

Many of our students’ testimonials have reflected that they have learnt a lot from our teachers and enjoy coming for classes at Miracle Learning Centre.

+For A level Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Biology, Economics, we have our very experienced Lecturers. They have vast experience and explain concepts very well. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge from their JC and university.