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05 May O Level | IP Chemistry Tuition

Are you able to answer this Secondary Chemistry Tuition Question? (Part 4)

21        Three elements X, Y and Z have consecutive, increasing proton numbers.

If element X is a noble gas, what will be the symbol for the ions of element Z in its compounds?


A          Z2                                            B          Z+

C          Z2+                                            D          Z3+



22        Iron is extracted in the blast furnace using the raw materials haematite, coke and limestone.


Which substance undergoes thermal decomposition?


A          limestone

B          carbon dioxide

C          haematite

D          slag


23        In which test-tube is the iron nail most likely to rust?


24        Which metal is used in the sacrificial protection of iron pipes?


A          copper

B          lead

C          magnesium

D          sodium



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