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What Your Child Can Expect From Upper Secondary Sciences

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What Your Child Can Expect From Upper Secondary Sciences

Secondary 2 to Secondary 3 is a significant shift, particularly in the sciences. Your child will no longer be able to select between a single catch-all lower secondary science and three different subjects: biology, chemistry, and physics.

So, regardless of which of these disciplines you pick, we at Miracle Learning Centre can give you tailored instruction. Even if your kid picks all three courses, our tutors can offer him or her a unique learning experience. The best thing is that we offer reasonable fees for the tutoring services we give. Having said that, these are some of the topics you may anticipate learning in physics, chemistry, and biology.

  • Biology

Biology means “the science of life.” Biology students delve into the nitty-gritty of what makes all living species tick, from vast kingdoms to tiny cells.

Cells Are Swell!

Biology is the only scientific field in which multiplying by two equals one and dividing by two equals the same thing.

Investigate new cell biology topics including cell division and the actions of a cell cycle that lead to the development, maintenance, and reproduction of your organ!

What Goes in Must Come Out, Right?

Digestion has taught you a lot about how food moves through your body, so performing a “number two” shouldn’t be a mystery to you. However, have you ever thought about what triggers a “number one” for you?

Students in upper secondary biology study excretion, which introduces them to the methods by which our bodies get rid of metabolic wastes, including the liquid that you must eliminate regularly!

  • Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of matter’s structure and reactions with other substances. It’s also the science underlying everything from drugs to detergents to forensics at crime scenes.

Getting Warmer

Did you know that dissolving ionic chemicals in water may either emit or absorb heat?

This is the theory behind the usage of hot or cold packs by sportsmen to reduce swelling in injuries including muscle and joint sprains.

See for yourself how cool it is to study exothermic and endothermic processes, as well as to conduct calculations to help you anticipate whether the heat will be generated or absorbed in a chemical reaction, in the topic of energy changes and enthalpy of reactions.

  • Physics

Physics deals with energy, motion, and, among other things, the forces of gravity and magnetism. It is more abstract than biology or chemistry but has several real-world applications. If your youngster has aspirations of becoming a space cadet, he or she may be drawn to this topic.

Target Obtained

Have you ever heard of the archerfish, which shoots tiny jets of water at great speeds to knock its victim out?

Discover how this physicist of a hunter uses light refraction to attack its prey with surgical accuracy!

Encourage your youngster to study all three of the topics listed above with equal zeal. Miracle will assist you in effectively achieving that objective.