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Want to excel in Primary Math? Top three pointers to consider

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Want to excel in Primary Math? Top three pointers to consider

Mathematics is the most gruesome subject which every student finds a bit tough. Both during their primary and secondary schooling life, students find this subject equally daunting. At Miracle Learning Centre, our experienced teachers have cited some reasons behind it. Two of the most common reasons for which students fear Maths terribly can be considered below.

  • One group of students starts to consider Maths a fearful subject over the course of time. This is because they are assigned with a massive number of mathematical tasks to complete. These tasks demand them to apply various convoluted techniques, formulae to memorize and solve lots of tabulated numbers properly. This kind of hectic Maths practice quite naturally creates an aversion about Maths amongst these students. In return, students find it difficult to learn Maths smoothly and efficiently.
  • Another group of students have an instinctive tendency to relate Maths with confusing and unfamiliar numbers. It can be the result of teachers and parents creating fear about Maths in them. These include making the numerical questions and certain algebraic expressions unreasonably complicated to them.

So, the best solution to all these problems is therefore to make your child fall in love with Maths. With a team of learned Maths teachers, we’ll do that for your child. While teaching Maths, our teachers include some really fun and interesting activities. Hence, our competent team has suggested the following tips to grow a deep love for Maths in your child.

Relation of Maths with Real-life

Solving the real-time Math problems is a lot similar to solving the various problems in our daily life. Suppose, you are dining out with your family at a restaurant. There also you can provide a real-time Maths experience to your child. Say for example, you can ask your child to calculate the total bill of the meal eaten. Ask your child to exclude the GST of seven percent and ten percent of service charge from there while performing this task. This way your child will find calculating the numbers fun without feeling daunted at all.

Adherence to the right approach

Maths is not about winning or failing a battle. Conversely, it is about learning an in-depth subject by following the correct strategies and methods. Even if your child gets low marks initially in any facet of Maths, don’t feel sad. Instead, buck your child up to perform even better the next time. Our tutors will also encourage your kid to score good marks in Maths like anything. Our tutoring team follows only the correct methods in line with the school’s syllabus. We want every kid to ace their Maths exam unmistakably.

Follow a structured approach

Your child should adhere to a structured approach while learning Maths, hence, must do the following:

  • Identify the easiest and quickest problem-solving techniques first
  • Apply a strategic thinking process to understand the question’s criteria and
  • Read every question carefully

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the effective pointers given by our Miracle team and make Maths a fun subject for your kid.