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Know how to use Spacing Method in our chemistry tuition

Spacing method chemistry tuition

Know how to use Spacing Method in our chemistry tuition

For both O and A levels, chemistry can be a very tough subject to master. Because of it, several students opt for chemistry tuitions in Singapore as they feel the need for some extra help to overcome the complexities of chemistry. Learning and studying can be very much thrilling and fascinating with a chemistry tutor having the right credentials. You will just have to remember to keep following the smart studying strategies like the spacing effect. So let’s break it down how the spacing effect can make your study time much more effective.

The Cramming Problems

You may have not heard about the term named “cramming’ which is used in reference to studying. By the term, it is meant that packing as much knowledge as possible into your head within a period of time. It is when you will dig in and intensely focus on your studies, studying as hard as possible, and packing figures and facts inside the brain. This type of studying can prove to be very effective in the short term and you might be doing fairly well on one test but in the bigger picture you will find that all the information are flying away from your mind which will force you to re-learn everything which you just studies for your next test along with some additional things too. It will increase your pressure and take out all the fun from the learning process. Cramming is also known as massed learning and it is not the preferred way to learn things as suggested by the experts.

Benefits of Spaced Repetition

A much better way to learn is by the spaced repetition way. It is also known as the “spaced practice”  or “spacing effect”. It actually means learning and reviewing the materials in short bursts, with longer pauses of time in between them. It may seem that it is counterintuitive. You are bound to forget what you have learned in the interim if there are spaces left between your study sessions.  Though you may not remember everything from your previous sessions, if more often if you do space practice then you will remember them each time. The things which you will be learning will be staying with you much longer than if you are following the cramming method for an exam.

How you should Space you Studies

The way you space your studies entirely depends on how much time you do have in hand for your next exam. You must start by identifying the day and the time of the day and then count how many days you have until now. You need to identify when you will be having some blocks of time to study. You might have more than one exam coming up so you will need to divide up the available study time in between the subjects. Suppose on the first day you are studying chemistry or having chemistry tuition classes for an hour or more. Try giving your brain a break for an entire day and on Day 3 add another hour of study, now skip the following day. On the fifth day you can add in another hour of study so ultimately on the test day you will have half an hour to review before taking the exam.  So this schedule gives you four hours of study time in total.

So if you have more time you can add in more study sessions and place them a couple of days apart. Having around two months or two weeks of study is much better than having 5 days so always make sure to plan well ahead in advance to be able to score easily in your chemistry test.

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