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Stable Equilibrium

Stable Equilibrium

Physics tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre is easy to understand and help you to improve in your grades. If you do not understand physics, you must definitely attend the physics tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre. Let us learn about stable equilibrium in this physics tuition lesson.

Centre of gravity is the point through which the whole weight of an object appears to act for any orientation of the object. Centre of gravity is the point on which an object can be balanced. It coincides with the centre of mass provided the object is placed in a uniform gravitational field.

For regular objects, the centre of gravity is at its geometrical centre
For irregular objects, a plumbline (a thread with a weight attached at one end) is needed to find its centre of gravity. Centre of mass is a point in a body which moves as if the entire mass of the body existed at that point.

The student at Miracle Learning Centre asked, “I don’t feel safe taking a double decker bus. I am afraid it will topple over when it turns. Teacher, is it safe?”

The physics tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre replied, “Yes, it is safe. The engine is placed at the lower deck and the centre of gravity is lowered. Passengers are only allowed to stand on the lower deck and not the upper deck. Hence, the bus will be in stable equilibrium. You can be rest assured the bus is stable.”

Stability is the ability of an object to regain its original position after it has been tilted slightly

There are three kinds of equilibrium. They are stable equilibrium, unstable equilibrium, neutral equilibrium.

Stable equilibrium is when the centre of gravity returns to original position after being displaced slightly. For stable equilibrium, when an upright cone is slightly tilted, centre of gravity rises & falls back again when the cone is released.

Unstable equilibrium is when the centre of gravity continues to move away from original position after being displaced. For unstable equilibrium, when cone is tilted slightly, centre of gravity falls and continues to fall further. This causes the toppling effect.

Neutral equilibrium is when the centre of gravity remains wherever it is displaced. For neutral equilibrium, when cone is rolled on its side, centre of gravity neither rises or falls. It remains at the same level above its supporting ground.

To increase stability of objects, make the centre of gravity as low as possible and the base area as wide as possible.

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