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Startling Facts at chemistry tuition

05 Sep Startling Facts at chemistry tuition

Hi, and welcome back to our chemistry tuition lesson. We are back for our chemistry admirers with more startling facts.

Today, in our chemistry tuition lesson, we are going to provide you with exciting chemistry facts. Without any further delay, let us begin:

I. Can you name the things, which contain weak acetic acid and will dissolve in vinegar? To your surprise, the items are pearls, bones, and teeth.
A weak acids dissociates partially in water to produce a low concentration of hydrogen ions. Carbonic acid, acetic acid are weak acids. A solution of a weak acid contains a large number of undissociated acid molecules and a small number of ions. It is a poor conductor of electricity.

A strong acid dissociates completely in water to produce a high concentration of hydrogen ions.

Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid are strong acids. They are good conductors of electricity. It conducts electricity due to mobile ions. When hydrogen chloride is dissolved in water, all the hydrogen chloride molecules dissociates in hydrogen ions and chloride ions.
When acid is dissolved in an organic solvent like methylbenzene, no dissociation occurs.

a) Hydrogen chloride remains as molecules.

b) The acid is not able to show its acidic properties because no hydrogen ions are produced.

c) Without the presence of ions, the acid solution does not conduct electricity.

II. Do you know what the chemical name for water is? Well, it is dihydrogen monoxide. Go ahead and show off your knowledge now by asking people for dihydrogen monoxide instead of water.

III. Ever wondered why fire spreads uphill more quickly than downhill? Well, the answer is, the rate of combustion is affected by the temperature. Thus, the region which is above the fire is much hotter than the area below it. In addition to it, it might have a better supply of fresh air.

That is all for today in your chemistry tuition lesson. Stay tuned to catch up more of these startling facts in chemistry.

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