States of matter

29 Apr States of matter

Chemistry tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre is very useful. If you do not understand chemistry, you must definitely attend the chemistry tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre. Let us learn about states of matter in this chemistry tuition lesson.

Your chemistry tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre will teach you about states of matter. Matter takes up space and has mass. The kinetic particle theory states that all matter is made up of tiny particles. The particles are in constant random motion. The different states of matter are mainly solid, liquid and gas.

In the solid state, particles vibrate about fixed positions. The attractive force is very strong. The particles are closely packed and arranged in a regular pattern. In the liquid state, particles move about within confined space and slide past one another. The attractive force is strong. The particles are quite close together and arranged in an irregular and random pattern. In the gaseous state, particles move freely in all directions in high speed. The attractive force is very week. The particles are very far apart from one another and arranged in an irregular and random pattern.

The student at Miracle Learning Centre asked, “Why does the temperature remain constant when the liquid is boiling?”
The chemistry tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre replied, “Energy is taken in to overcome the forces of attraction and not to increase the temperature.”

Miracle Learning Centre hope you have understood the states of matter and how it helps you to answer chemistry tuition questions. Do come to Miracle Learning Centre for more chemistry tuition lessons to learn more about states of matter and chemistry.

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