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Stress Management (Music)

Stress Management (Music)

Stress is part of everyday life due to the challenges posed by family commitments, financial obligations, and social relations. While experiencing some stress can actually motivate us to perform better and push us over our limits, excessive stress or stress which last over a period of time can actually have detrimental effects on our health.

The relaxing power of music is deep-rooted. It has an exceptional association to our emotions, and can be an extremely effective stress management tool.

Listening to music especially slow and soothing classical music can have a relaxing effect on our mind. This type of music can have a favourable effect on our physiological well being, slowing the pulse rate and reducing the levels of stress hormones in our body.

Research has proven that music generates a brainwave activity that makes it easier for the brain to move into a tranquil and meditative state. The power of music does not end here. People dealing with immense negative stress often feel frustrated easily. These negative stress responses can have an undesirable effect on the body, mind and life of people who are facing with high amounts of stress. Music can be employed to encourage a positive state of mind.

Music can divert our thoughts. It acts as a distraction and simultaneously helps us to explore our own emotions. In other words, music can actually be a wonderful aid to relaxation, helping to cease the negative thoughts that we have.

Every individual have their own preference when it comes to music, so only you can make the decision on what music is best suited for your mood. But even if you do not have the habit to listen to classical music, it may be worth giving it a try when you feel stressed out.