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Studying O Level Chemistry a step by step guide for you

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Studying O Level Chemistry a step by step guide for you

Many students take up the ‘O’ level study of chemistry. Unfortunately, many of them give up midway since they don’t know the correct way of studying it. Specifically, they find the theoretical part of the subject more daunting as compared to its practical segment. This is because attempting the practical part of the subject is not a hassle for them at all. So, chemistry can often make you encounter face losses if not learnt properly. Seek top-grade chemistry tuition from us at Miracle Learning Centre to ace this in-depth subject successfully.

Five tips to consider

Chemistry is exciting and complicated as a subject especially when it comes to its ‘O’ level. Keeping that factor in mind below we’ve given five useful tips for chemistry students like you. By executing these tips you will be able to study the ‘O’ level chemistry really well. Most importantly, you will also get optimal marks in that subject which you had waited for so long. So, without delaying anymore, let’s get started.

Take our chemistry tuition

The choicest way to excel in chemistry is to take tuition in its ‘O’ level segment. We at Miracle Learning Centre provide customized chemistry tuition within a small group. It allows our students know about their improvement areas in chemistry and rectify them subsequently. There are various benefits of following this technique including:

  • Getting a much better idea on the same topic
  • Learning chemistry in a much more effectively and
  • If you don’t understand a topic clearly, ask any of our chemistry tutors to refer back to the topic once again.

Furthermore, we conduct personalized classes for ‘O level’ chemistry in small groups. Our teachings are based on what is taught in the school of your child. In short, we try to provide every child sufficient flexibility while teaching chemistry.

Learn in groups

The ‘O’ level section of chemistry includes a whole lot of topics. What’s more, it differs a lot as well both in terms of intricacy and length. Understanding these topics instantly is not possible for every student out there. So, if you are also one of them then find out a couple of friends who easily understand these concepts. Then, go for a group study with them as effectively as possible. Before doing so make a list of all the concepts and topics that are leaving you confused.

Start asking

Now start asking your friends about the same. Remember when you have a clear idea in mind, asking questions becomes even easier for you. As a result, you become way more competent at studying ‘O Level’ chemistry than before. However, choose only those friends who are serious and adept in chemistry. Otherwise, your group study session will turn into a casual chit-chat session very soon.

Get proper assistance

There are many topics and concepts in chemistry which you find extremely difficult to understand. What’s the point in feeling and staying stuck? Instead, seek assistance about it from our chemistry tutors who are knowledgeable enough about these concepts and topics. The topic or concept which seems intricate to you now may be the result of a wrong perspective towards it. Asking any of our teachers who has sufficient knowledge about it will also help you. Your tutor will give you a whole new perspective towards that same concept.

Create your own notes

Making your own notes is a good way to clearly understand the topics and concepts which are confusing you. It is certainly more effective rather than just staring at your textbook for hours. No doubt that what your teacher is teaching you is worth it. However, just listening to it won’t help as it is more like passive listening. Instead, write down clarifications and notes on your own on the topics taught by your teacher. It lets you understand the concepts and topics faster.

Read your chemistry notes first

Simply write down notes on the key points of chemistry. These include topics like what’s the reaction after two chemicals are mixed together or how to draw diagrams etc. Reading the relevant topic before attending the class will help you understand its more complex concepts quickly and easily.

Winding Up!

So, is excelling in chemistry daunting you a lot? Then don’t stress. Instead, follow the five tips given above or take outstanding chemistry tuition from us at Miracle Learning Centre.