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Tackling The Changes of PSLE Science

Tackling The Changes of PSLE Science

PSLE Science students, please keep calm and take three deep breadth if you have not done/seen a PSLE science question before.

Think then apply scientific facts, concepts and principles to new types of questions.

Just keep calm and read the question carefully. Tell yourself it is related to something that I have learnt. Read and think about which chapter it is related to and think about the facts related to that chapter. Identify scientific keywords for that topic.

Read the PSLE science question again carefully. It probably contains some information and some of which you will need to use to help you answer the question. Look out for CLUES in the question.

If you are still clueless about what to write, imagine yourself in that situation or be that thing. What will you do and what will happen? Relate it back to science and use scientific terms to explain your answers.