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Taking Summer Organic Chemistry Tuition Course Online: What To Expect And How to Prepare
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29 Jul Taking Summer Organic Chemistry Tuition Course Online: What To Expect And How to Prepare

Organic Chemistry tuition classes of spring or fall are much easier compared to that of the summer ones. A typical semester goes on for up to 12 to 16 weeks. However, you will be covering the same amount of material in a much lesser time frame in about 8-10 weeks in the summer. Adding to that, some of the summer classes look for aiming to jam the entire 2-semester sequence over the summer that makes it very much information specific. You can expect to cover around chapter per week, during a regular organic chemistry semester which is around 50-70 pages per week.

On top of that, you will have to attend chemistry tuitions, homework, lectures, and notes to take but for the summer semester, you may need to go over a whole organic chemistry chapter per day or two. Which means that you will have to study around 5 to 7 times harder. Organic Chemistry is a tough nut to crack and taking it in the summer makes it much harder. So, what can you do to manage all the work and succeed in your summer organic chemistry? Let’s check out.

Make a complete schedule

You will require a compact schedule for your summer organic chemistry. You need to allow yourself more time than the lecture length if you are planning on taking notes while watching your online organic chemistry lectures. It becomes much easier to pause the video for a few moments for jotting down a note and may seem to not acquiring a lot of time. But however, a moment here and there will pile up fast and you may be spending up a lot more time on your virtual classes than you actually expected. You must give yourself an extra 15 min for each hour of the lecture time to accommodate notetaking.

Make a calendar

Make sure to not get behind any assignments or due dates as summer classes will be fast-paced. You can use a calendar of your choice and add all the due dates to it as soon you get your syllabus or as fast as the dates are announced. Some instructors unfortunately use the same syllabus template without specific dates every semester, it can be frustrating and is signs of a lazy instructor. But there is nothing much that you can do. If you are using the online homework system, you will have the due dates for each assignment. Add all due dates to your calendar and set reminders!

Make an online study group

Your social outreach and your work opportunities with other people gets limited by taking organic chemistry classes. But in reality, you can very easily make online study groups and work through problems by using Zoom or Skype calls. Almost all the online classes have a list or a discussion forum, so if you are trying to make an online discussion group, you can always look for help.

Line-Up Help Ahead of Time

Organic chemistry classes for summer are demanding and fast-paced. Organic chemistry has a rep of a “weeder” class for a reason, it is one of the hardest subjects in a college curriculum. So ensure to line up, well ahead of time.

If you are planning to get an online chemistry tuition class, then ensure that your tutor is available to help you with everything. You can try taking help of Miracle Learning Centre.