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The Curriculum for Primary Mathematics and Primary Science

The Curriculum for Primary Mathematics and Primary Science

The curriculum for Primary Mathematics and Primary Science is very comprehensive and detailed. It takes the students step by step from the basics then progress to the actual content and beyond. We believe our content and worksheets provided gives the students good practice for their school examinations. We stretch their minds and through practice, they can do much more than they had imagined they could. Ultimately, most students are able to reach their maximum potential.

+For Primary School, we specialize in Science and Mathematics.
+Primary Mathematics Program
Miracle Learning Centre employs the “triple A” teaching method.
“AAA” is a systematic approach that builds heuristic problem solving skills in your child.

Attitude (mindset)
– Miracle Learning Centre incorporates motivational techniques into fun, interactive lessons that build up speed and accuracy in problem solving. Students grow in self-belief, and approach problem sums confidently.

Aptitude (ability)
– With the right attitude, interest in mathematics can be fostered, and at Miracle LC, we strongly believe in (and have observed that!) interest in a subject strongly correlates to aptitude and performance.

Amplitude (depth and breadth)
– Students with the right Attitude and Aptitude can then be stretched to achieve mathematical mastery. Miracle Learning Centre’s in-house programmes systematically guide students from P1 to P6, providing students with challenging questions at every step of the way.

Our guided worksheets encourage self-learning. This allows students to develop critical/logical thinking, model drawing and problem sum interpretation.

+ Primary Science Program
Our science programme promises to be more than just knowledge.

Arouse Interest
At Miracle Learning Centre, we carry out experiments that demonstrate scientific concepts. Instead of spoon feeding answers, we employ appropriate questioning techniques that lead students to state observations, predict outcomes and arrive at a more accurate scientific understanding.

Students also present projects on science-related research that are not syllabus bound. By opening up the spectrum of topics available, students in Miracle Learning Centre study the science they WANT to, and not the science they are FORCED to.

Answering Technique
Answers for structured questions need to explained clearly and systematically. Students tend to take shortcuts or miss out important keywords.

Our systematic method to answer structured questions highlights the keywords, and trains students to look for clues in the question, in order to apply scientific facts to answer in a clear and concise manner.

All Rounded Development
Would you want your child to develop only his/her IQ and neglect his/her EQ?
In MIRACLE Learning Centre, we develop children holistically, by incorporating into our science curriculum a myriad of activities that teach life skills.
Presentations and in-class discussions will help your child develop crucial public speaking skills and research skills.

We have our own set of notes and worksheets for Primary School Science. We carry out simple experiments during the holidays and if the topic is appropriate. In addition, we have fun worksheets consisting of Word Search, Word Match, Crossword puzzles and Word Scramble. Videos are also shown to enhance learning.

Science experiments are also carried out for certain related topics. Experiments help students understand and remember concepts better. While doing the experiment, teachers reinforce concepts, keywords and explain further.