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The following are the top six recommendations for studying chemistry well


The following are the top six recommendations for studying chemistry well

Miracle Learning Centre has gained a tremendous reputation as a highly trusted Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore from 1000+ parents and students over the last 12 years. We specialize in providing Chemistry tuition for A-level and O-level students, as well as JC Chemistry, H2 Chemistry, IP Chemistry, and Crash Courses. Do you find it difficult to learn chemistry effectively? Check out our Top 6 Chemistry Study Tips, which are listed below!

  1. Before the lecture, read

If someone informed me that just 10% of a General Chemistry class got an A, I’d tell them that 90% of the students hadn’t done their homework before the lecture. In reality, the majority of college students NEVER do this. This is a wonderful idea for any class if you want to have an advantage over your classmates. It is not only General Chemistry.

  1. Attend class. Every single class

Attend every lecture and lab session! Many college teachers consider you to be an adult and seldom require attendance. This may appear to be self-evident study advice, but attend to class nonetheless! Attendance is important because if you do not attend lectures and labs, you will fall behind and your grades will suffer. Never, ever miss unless necessary. If you do miss it, please notify your lecturer through email! Take notes from your classmates. You could even be able to attend another professor’s lecture or lab.

  1. Keep your Notes Organized

Organize your Chemistry notes after class and before the following lesson. Go over the textbook and fill up any gaps with missing information. Examine the notes about the textbook. To make it simpler to comprehend, you may also add example problems from the book or rewrite notes in your terms.

  1. Do your homework every day

I understand how difficult it is to find the time. It might be difficult to find time to eat or sleep at times. However, if you do not make time to study, you will struggle in General Chemistry. Yes, you will have to study for numerous hours at a time at times. However, even 10 or 15 minutes a day might be beneficial.

  1. Participate in a Study Group

There are so many advantages to joining a study group that I can’t even begin to list them all. Joining a study group for your General Chemistry class is essential. It’s a wonderful opportunity to pick up additional study suggestions and strategies from your peers. Because study groups meet regularly, they aid in the prevention of procrastination in your study routine.

According to research, studying alongside peers helps you learn quicker, fill in any gaps in your knowledge, and see things from the perspective of other students. Helping other students in your study group will take your learning to a whole new level. When you start teaching others, you start to master the topic yourself.

  1. Experiment with Chemistry Problem Solving

The homework assignments in General Chemistry are designed to help you practice problem-solving. This is an excellent reason to never avoid doing your homework. However, finishing the homework tasks isn’t always enough.

In addition to finishing all of your schoolwork, yes, all of it, you should work on extra problems in your study groups! Make your study group more active. Work through the challenges on the board. During the week, if you come across challenges that you are having difficulty with, save them! Make a note of them. Take a photo of it with your smartphone. You should save it in some way so that you may bring it to your study group and practice it with others.