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The Importance of Chemistry

The Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry- the study of the constituents of matter, the study of its properties and reactions with one another and using such reactions to form new compounds is a branch of science. Chemistry evolved from the ancient practice of alchemy. There are numerous sub-branches in this discipline of science, but broadly chemistry can be classified into organic and inorganic chemistry. Chemistry gives you a better understanding of the world and its processes. Chemistry tells us how things around us work, allowing us to make smart choices at various tasks.

With the scientific principles of chemistry, we know that detergent has stronger cleaning power in hot water, how pain relievers work in the body, how the yeast causes a cake to rise, etc. Chemistry has its application in various branches of science and medicine. In nearly every branch or career involving science, chemistry is an important subject to learn. When working with household chemicals as well, chemistry is of great use, telling us what products are flammable, what products can be safely mixed, what products can cause burns on the skin. Chemistry is the branch of science that tells you how long food will last, based on preservatives added into it to extend its life, and usability denoted by the common term expiration date.

Let us discuss some other importance of Chemistry –

  •  Everything is made of chemicals. You are made of chemicals, so is your dog, so is your desk, so is the sun. The drugs are chemicals, food is made from chemicals.
  •  Many of the changes that we observe in the world around us are caused by chemical reactions. A few examples are leaves changing colors, cooking food and getting our self-clean.
  •  The knowledge of Chemistry helps us to make day to day decisions that affect our life. For example – choosing the right mosquito repellent, mixing of household chemicals, checking expiry dates of various food items, etc.
  •  Chemistry is a wide subject category and it has various scopes for higher studies and professions. Many important and exciting professions like engineering, medicine, research, biotechnology, food technology, etc need a good knowledge of Chemistry.

Chemistry has never been able to present itself as appealing to the students. But we believe that if students are taught in the right way then they will definitely be able to see the bright side of Chemistry. We want to make all our students efficient and confident about Chemistry. We also guarantee that our classes will never be boring and everyone who attends our class will enjoy it thoroughly.