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The Periodic Table of Elements

05 May The Periodic Table of Elements

9          Which graph shows the number of electrons in the outer shell of an atom, plotted against the proton (atomic) number for the first ten elements in the Periodic Table?chemistry_tuition_q

10        The equation for the reaction between copper and nitric acid is shown.


vCu + wHNO3 → xCu(NO3)2 + yNO + zH2O


v, w, x, y and z are whole numbers.

Which values of v, w, x, y and z balance the equation


11        An aqueous solution of compound X reacts with aqueous sodium hydroxide to form a green precipitate and then aluminium powder is added. The mixture is heated and a gas that turns damp red litmus paper blue is given off.

What is X?


A          ammonium nitrate

B          copper(II) chloride

C          iron(II) nitrate

D          iron(III) chloride


12        Which of the following reagents could be used to distinguish between dilute nitric acid and dilute hydrochloric acid?


A          aqueous barium chloride

B          copper(II) carbonate

C          aqueous silver nitrate

D          aqueous sodium hydroxide



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