The Science Behind Electricity

31 Jan The Science Behind Electricity

Have you wondered about the science that powers everything around you? Can you imagine a day without the fan running? What if your T.V. would not turn on? You would think of finding out what is wrong by looking it up on your computer through the internet. But that is not working either. Everything around us, nearly all appliances and daily activities run on electricity. The branch of science that teaches us more about electricity and how it works is physics. Electricity powers all of these various things around us making our lives more comfortable. It is energy harvested through various methods. Electricity can come from heat energy, water power or wind power, science tells us how to harness this for daily use.
Electricity harnessed from the heat of the sun is called solar energy. Electricity when harnessed from the power of water through water-falls is called hydro electricity. We harness the energy of wind by using windmills. By applying the principles of physics, a branch of science, we convert the power of water, wind and the sun’s heat using machinery to create electricity which is then transmitted from these power stations to our homes to power everything around us. Science is fascinating isn’t it?

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