The science of physics in everyday life

31 Jan The science of physics in everyday life

Physics is a branch of science and one that is often seen to be a nerdy one or rather dull. However, if you look around, there is physics and its application happening everywhere. The science behind many things like, why lightning strikes, how a boomerang comes back to your hand, why waves crash to the beach, how much time it takes for the light of a star to be seen by us and more are all questions of physics in science. When studying any branch of science, it is important to ask questions. Physics has many applications as a branch of science in numerous activities in our daily life.
If you have been to a concert and could still hear the music loud and clear at the very back of the auditorium, it is because of physics at work. The science of acoustics and amplification of sound is being used to allow you to hear the music just as loud and clear at the very back. Measuring the depth of the sea, the science behind LASER shows, how a sonic boom occurs, why we hear the sound of thunder after lightning is seen are all based on principles of science or more specifically physics.

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