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The Significance of Learning The Periodic Table in Chemistry

21 Nov The Significance of Learning The Periodic Table in Chemistry

Students may not be accustomed or even be familiar with the Periodic Table before choosing chemistry as a core science elective in upper secondary level. But the Periodic Table is the most common thing for students opting chemistry at any level. Also, it is pretty standard if your chemistry tuition tutor references back to this table as well.

In this blog, we learn about how important it is to study the periodic table in chemistry and its overall significance in this subject. Keep reading till the end to find out more.

The Critical Elements in a Chemistry Periodic Table

The chemistry periodic table includes all the possible elements that exist in chemistry. This means that from the smallest element of hydrogen to up to the heavy, radioactive ones like uranium, everything is included in this table.

While it may seem like a simple table, a lot of information can be derived from it which assists students in solving many questions from O to A levels. The Periodic Table can be considered as an indispensable tool at the student’s disposal.

The mass number which is greater of the two numbers is present in each box of the table that indicates an atom’s weight of that particular element. Whereas, the smaller number signifies the total number of protons or electrons present in a single atom. The smaller number which is otherwise known as the atomic number, poses to be the more vital of the two as this is what determines the classification of different elements, from Group I to Group VIII.

Furthermore, it will also help students identify any element’s electronic configuration and to create visual representation of them in drawings and diagrams. One of the important aspects of a Periodic Table is the grouping system which can be used to sort out the elements on the basis of their characteristics and innate.

This all may get confusing for some students and this is where joining an IGCSE chemistry tuition can help them out. The tuition centre can guide students to get familiar and learn different concepts and applications of the different rules in a periodic table.

Is it Essential to have a Chemistry Periodic Table on hand while studying?

For most of the calculation based questions, students are needed to refer to the periodic table that offers the use of atomic numbers. The grouping system will give students the much-needed help to identify the kind of chemical bonding that may be present and whether or not a possible reaction will take place.

The formulation of Chemistry equations is also essential for any students solving O or A level chemistry exams and the use of the periodic table comes handy as it can be put to good use. Even though the periodic table plays a major role for tackling the chemistry questions, students should not get complacent in their Chemistry study or revision.

If you are struggling with chemistry lessons then always try to seek expert help early. Those who are worried about the fast-approaching chemistry exams can also consider joining the best crash course for chemistry classes.