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The Solar System

24 Nov The Solar System

Primary school science tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre is easy to understand and help you to improve in your grades. If you do not understand primary school science, you must definitely attend the primary school science tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre. Let us learn about the Solar System in this primary school science tuition lesson.

A student at Miracle Learning Centre once asked her primary school science tuition teacher, “What is the Solar System?” Her primary school tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre replied, “The Solar System is the name given to the Sun, the other planets and their respective moons. The Sun is in the centre of the solar system, and there are eight planets moving around the Sun, including Earth. Each planet spins about its own axis while following a fixed path, called an orbit, around the Sun.

The Sun is a star, giving out its own light and heat. This is true of all the other stars you see in the sky too. The Sun is, however, important to the Earth because heat and light from the Sun ensures the survival of all the living things on Earth. The Earth is about 150 million kilometres from the Sun, and this distance gives the right temperature to Earth for living things to survive, and the right amount of sunlight for plants to make food.

The Earth that we live on is like a huge ball, spinning in Space. It appears flat to us because it is so huge that we can only see a small part of it. The surface of the Earth is covered with land and water. Nearly three quarters of it is covered with water and land makes up the remaining one quarter. A layer of gas, called the atmosphere, surrounds the Earth. This is important because oxygen and carbon dioxide are found in the bottom layer of the atmosphere, and the ozone layer is found in the atmosphere too. Oxygen is needed for living things to breathe while carbon dioxide is needed for plants to make food. The ozone layer blocks harmful rays of the Sun from reaching the Earth.

Earth does not give out its own light; it reflects light from the Sun. This enables astronauts to see Earth from Space. The Earth also rotates about its own axis all the time, and it takes 23 hours 56 minutes for the Earth to make one complete rotation. The rotation of the Earth gives rise to the day and night cycle on Earth. At any one time, one side of the Earth is experiencing darkness and one side is experiencing daylight. At the same time, the other side will move away from the sun and experience darkness. This happens repeatedly, bringing about day and night. The Earth also revolves around the Sun. It takes 365 days or 1 year to make 1 revolution about the sun.”

Miracle Learning Centre would like to bring you more articles on primary school science tuition concepts. We hope you have understood more about the solar system. Do come to Miracle Learning Centre for more primary school science tuition lessons to learn more about the solar system.

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