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Theories of Origin – The Big Bang Theory

Theories of Origin – The Big Bang Theory

We hear a lot about the universe, how life began and what led to creation all around us is the way we know it to be today. A popular theory in science that answers the question of the origin of the universe is the big bang theory. This theory is based on the observation by physicists that galaxies all around us are moving further away at great speeds as if propelled by the force of a giant cosmic explosion. Science tells us, that the universe was born out of a colossal explosion, called the Big bang.

Prior to the big bang, scientists believe that the whole vast expanse we know to be the universe was earlier compressed into one tiny bit of matter, just a few millimeters long. This was extremely dense, imagine the entire world you know and many more worlds in the expanse of the universe pressed into one tiny little speck of matter. This state is theorized to have been present for just what science calls the first second of time, after which there was a huge explosion. After this big bang, the universe expanded continually and still does with immeasurable speed to become the vast expanse comprising many galaxies and the world as we know it.

Well, there are some fascinating facts about The Big Bang Theory which are given below –

The Big Bang happened everywhere at once. There is no center or edge of the universe, all the parts of the cosmos is expanding which means that if we run the clock back we can figure out exactly when everything was packed together around which 13.8 billion years ago. Which tells us that there wasn’t a location for the Big Bang instead it occurred everywhere at the same time.

One of the first people to think scientifically about the origin of the universe was a catholic priest named Georges Lemaitre. He was also a physicist who studied the general theory of relativity and worked out some of the conditions of the early cosmos in the 1920s and ‘30s. He used metaphors for the origin of the universe like “cosmic egg” and “primeval atom” but they never caught on due to disbeliefs by other Scientists.

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