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Things your child can expect while selecting between Upper Secondary Sciences

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Things your child can expect while selecting between Upper Secondary Sciences

Your child is moving from the secondary two to the secondary three level. Congratulations for that first of all! Before, your child would study subjects pertaining only to the lower secondary science category. Now, your child is about to transit to an even higher level. So, your child needs to choose between three individual subjects. These include physics, chemistry and biology. However, the subject your child will choose will entirely depend on his or her personal interests.

Personalized and affordable tuition

So, no matter that which of these subjects you choose, we at Miracle Learning Centre can provide you customized tuition. Even if your child chooses all the three subjects, our tutors can provide personalized learning experience to him or her. The best part is we charge affordable rates against the tuition services we provide. That said, here are some of the things you can expect to learn in physics, chemistry and biology.


As a subject, physics primarily deals with topics like magnetism, gravity, forces, motion and energy. So, if your child aspires to become a spatial adept, then this subject is for him or her. Some of the interesting topics pertaining to this subject can be considered below.

  • Delivering that knockout blow: Do you know how many times you must punch a raw chicken to bring it to an appropriate cooking temperature? According to a hypothetical calculation, even an impeccable boxer must deliver 500-1000 joules of energy for each punch. It means the boxer needs to punch the chicken at least 460-920 times to bring it to an edible temperature properly.
  • I came in like a wrecking ball: It is hard to calculate the amount of kinetic energy required to destroy a building. However, you can calculate it quite easily. Basically, the construction and destruction of buildings is based on certain principles and equations. These principles and equations govern the conversion effects of forces, stability and conservation of energy.

To say the least, physics is definitely a fun subject to learn that familiarizes you with interesting facts every day.


Reaction of substances with each other and study of the composition of matter is what Chemistry all about. In short, it’s the science hidden with everything from detergents to medicine to that of forensic crime scene investigations. Some of the amazing facts related to this subject can be considered below.


Have you found a dark brown spot until recently on your arm resembling a mole? Well, in chemistry, it doesn’t mean that visually challenged mammal that spends maximum time inside its burrow. Instead, it means the SI unit (the International System of Units) for the amount of a substance. Say for example, a mole of pastries means 602 sextillion of them. So, do take care of this aspect carefully. This is because you will need it to calculate things like electrons, ions, molecules and atoms at a massive scale.

Doctor Frog Kenstein

The muscles of a dead frog are effective enough to produce electricity. Lulgi Galvani, a 1770 Italian physicist and physician came across this fact. He noticed that the muscles of a dead frog jerked instantly after it touched two individual metals. These two metals were present on the dissection tray on which the frog laid. It also included the scalpel during the dissection process. Galvani thought that the frog’s body could produce electricity. However, Alessandro Volta, another professor claimed it to be a sheer misconception.

Volta’s Logic

Volta argued that the metals which were in contact with the frog produced some electricity first. Then, they pulsed that electricity through that frog’s carcass and nothing else. This theory led to the invention of the modern-day battery.


The science of life is literally referred to as Biology. So, students who are studying biology must study the nuances and nitty-gritty about the ticking of all the living organisms. These include the tiniest of cells to that of the wide range of creatures out there. Some of the things you will learn while studying biology can be considered below.

  • Fight or Flight
  • What goes in must come out, right? And
  • Cells are Swell etc.

So, encourage your child to study all the three subjects given above with equal amount of enthusiasm. At Miracle, we will help you attain that goal successfully.