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Tips for Home Based Learning

Tips for Home Based Learning

Tips for Home Based Learning: –

1. Follow the school timetable. The students have to follow the school timetable which may or may not be the same as the usual timetable.

2. Dedicate a space that’s prepared for study, including having a computer, tablet, charger, books and stationery. It limits distraction in what’s going to be a different environment from school. It is best to set up in the family area which is quiet, like the dining room, rather than in the bedroom so parents can supervise the child.

3. Keep up the daily routine. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner the usual way, as much as possible.

4. Check-in with the child. Both in the morning and afternoon. Ask the children what they are learning for the day and what help they may need in the morning. At the end of the day, find out what was challenging so they can think through and tackle in the future.
5. Balance by asking about the good things that worked and why they consider them to be positive.

6. Don’t stress the child too much. It’s beneficial to spend time learning in a different environment.

7. Communicate with the teacher to ensure the child can keep up.

8. Monitor the screen time both for study and fun and set boundaries.

9. It’s a good time for parents and children to bond. Chill.

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