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Sexual Reproduction

06 Mar Sexual Reproduction

How does a generation continue on earth? How do dogs give birth to puppies? How did you get your life? Do you often come across these questions in your mind? Let us help you out. This is the process of reproduction. In this chapter, we will study more about sexual reproduction. This is the process that we human beings follow. Below we will get into the details but let us first look at what reproduction is all about.

Sexual Reproduction – Every human will face the puberty stage while they are young before turning to an adult. Puberty is the stage of growth in a young human being when his or her reproductive organs start to produce sex hormones and sex cells. The testes in the boy will start to produce sperms and male sex hormones while ovaries in the girl will release mature eggs and produce female sex hormones. Both sexes will increase their height rapidly and there will be some physical changes in their bodies.

The sperm is a male sex cell produced in the testes and its tail will move to enable the sperms to swim towards the egg. The egg is a female sex cell released from the ovary and it cannot move by itself. The egg is released by the ovary about once every 28 days. Fertilisation will occur once the nucleus in a sperm fuse with the nucleus in an egg to form a new life. A baby is taken for about nine months as a foetus to build up into a baby.

Reproduction can take place by the participation of a single parent or two parents. Based on this, we can classify reproduction into two types.

Asexual reproduction – A type of reproduction where a single parent is divided by itself and reproduces its offspring.

Sexual reproduction – A process where two parents participate in producing their offspring
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