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Types of Angles

08 Feb Types of Angles

As all of you know, there are different types of triangles (Equilateral, Isosceles, and Scalene). That is one way we can classify the triangles which we covered in our article titled, Types of Triangle. However, did you know that triangles can also have names that tell you what type of angle is inside? In today’s primary maths tuition lesson with Miracle Learning Centre, we will be discussing the types of angle in triangles.

First of all, we have the acute triangle. All the angles in an acute triangle are less than 90 degree.



Secondly, we will discuss the Right-angled triangle. As its name suggests, this triangle has a 90-degree angle in it.



Lastly, we have the Obtuse Triangle. An obtuse triangle has an angle that is more than 90 degree in it.



Angles are just one part of geometry. You will get to learn more about the different shapes and polygons in the primary maths tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre. The different shapes each have their own specific properties eg parallelogram, rhombus, kite, square, rectangle and circle. When you graduate and promote to a secondary school, your knowledge of geometry will broaden tremendously. You will learn about coordinate geometry and many more.

Type -4

Straight Angle is an angle whose measure is 180 degrees, thus a straight angle look like a straight line.

Type – 5

Reflex Angle is an angle whose measure is bigger than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees.

Type – 6

Adjacent angles are angles with a common vertex and one common side. <1 and <2, are adjacent angles.

Type – 7

Complementary Angles are two angles whose measures add to 90 degrees.

Type – 8

Two angles whose measures add to 180 degrees are known as supplementary angles.

Type – 9

Vertical angles are that which have a common vertex and whose sides are formed by the same lines. Now, after explaining the properties of the different types of angle, we have come to the end of our primary maths tuition lesson at Miracle Learning Centre. Miracle Learning provides fun activities and worksheets for all primary science tuition students. We hope you have learned something new today and we’ll see you at our next primary maths tuition lesson!

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