Types of Triangles

08 Feb Types of Triangles

As all of you know, There are different types of triangle, each with their own unique properties. So how do we actually differentiate them from one another? In today’s primary math tuition lesson with Miracle Learning Centre, we will be discussing about the properties of three types of triangle, so stay focus!

First of all, we have Scalene. Scalene is a type of triangle that has unequal sides and angles. There is no special property or rule for the length of the sides or the angles.


Secondly, we will discuss about the Isosceles triangle. Isosceles has two sides that are of equal length, and two angles that are of the same value. The equal angles are on the opposite of the two equal sides. Therefore, finding the value of the last remaining angle would be easy for an isosceles triangle!


Lastly, we have the Equilateral triangle. Equilateral, special as it is, has all equal sides and each angle is equal to 60 degree by the angle sum property. The equilateral triangle is the easiest to solve so keep your eyes out for it during questions!

Now, after explaining the properties of the 3 types of triangle, we have come to the end of our primary math tuition lesson at Miracle Learning Centre. Miracle Learning provides fun activities and worksheets for all primary math tuition students. We hope you have learnt something new today and we’ll see you at our next lesson!

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