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Understanding Geometry

16 May Understanding Geometry

Just like most mathematical concepts and principles, Geometry originated from the Greeks. The term comes from the Greek phrase which means ‘earth measurement’. Geometry as a mathematics branch focuses on shapes, sizes and relative positions of figures as well as the properties of space. A mathematician who works in the geometry field is known as a Geometer. Geometry deals with flat or two-dimensional objects such as a simple circle. It also deals with three-dimensional objects that contain the depth aspect such as a cube.

Mathematic syllabi usually expects students to have a functional understanding of lines, planes, angles, and concepts such as area, etc. Despite being complex in its advanced form, geometry is easier to appreciate because it deals with aspects of our surroundings that people interact with daily. Geometry can be broadly divided into Euclidean and Spherical geometry with the former being the common form.

Geometry applications can be found in art, physics, and architecture as well as mathematics. By understanding the shapes and positions of objects, designing in any field becomes easy and predictable. This enables adequate preparation and a pro-active approach to problem solving. One of the most important geometrical uses is probably the co-ordinate system. Not only do they make navigation more efficient, but also helps the human race understand better our home planet. Tutoring geometry definitely requires visual aids to better appreciate the concepts.

Geometry brings about traits and patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. Important concepts such as symmetry can only be appreciated given a broader picture. A practical example would be the shape of the earth and the surrounding universe. These concepts would be next to impossible to understand or appreciated without the broader picture that geometry studies reveal. In fact, early geometers faced ridicule and even persecution when they presented some of the geometrical facts that we take for granted today. In fields such as entertainment, geometric principles have greatly improved the visual effects such as 3D technology.

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