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Useful Tips & Tricks to Ace the A-level H2 Chemistry

A-level H2 chemistry tuition

Useful Tips & Tricks to Ace the A-level H2 Chemistry

A level chemistry is one of the most commonly selected subjects at H1 and H2 levels. In comparison to other science subjects, this one can be considered to be one of the most competitive subjects and because of which many students find it difficult to score well in the exams.

Many students seek help from expert A-level H2 chemistry tuition and that actually allows students to prepare. But a little extra effort from the student’s side further makes a student capable enough for acing in the exams.

So, without any more delay, let’s take a look at some of the useful tips and tricks that will help you to ace A-level H2 chemistry.

Understanding the Objective of A-level Chemistry

The primary aim of the A-level chemistry syllabus is to give students an experience where they can develop interest in the subject and fortify relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes that are required to perform well in further studies. It also helps students to build understanding and ethics related to the Practices of Science.

A-Level H2 Chemistry Exam Format

The H2 chemistry students are needed to sit for 4 papers that includes papers 1-3 and 1 practical. Paper 1 comprises MCQ (multiple choice questions) for 30 marks and 1 hours is allotted for it.

Paper 2 includes structured questions that have 75 marks and a total 2 hours is allotted to complete it. Paper 3 is based on free response questions that have 80 marks (section A: 60 marks, section B: 20 marks) with 2 hours allotted to solve them.

Finally, 55 marks worth of Paper 4 that is basically practical based. Students are allotted 2 hours 30 minutes for it.

Useful Tips to Prepare for the Exam

The following tips are pretty simple but they definitely help in acing the exams.

Planning your schedule

The hectic schedule of A level chemistry can take a toll on the way you prepare for your H2 level exam. This is why it is important to plan your schedule so that you get to prepare for the exams efficiently. Make sure to plan the schedule by maintaining a balance between work and rest. As overworking your mind can simply make you feel burning out.

Maintain consistency and focus

The A level chemistry comprises more than 10 topics to cover. Now, piling everything up for the last minute is an unviable approach to prepare for exams. Instead, maintain consistency in your studying and revision pattern to keep your focus intact.

Solve past year questions

Familiarising yourself with what can you expect in the exam will definitely help you better prepare for the exam. This is why experts suggest practising with past year question papers to get used to the pattern and have a better idea on what you can get.

Seek for personalised guidance

Also, seek personalised guidance from an expert chemistry tuition centre to work on your strengths and weaknesses. This will definitely help you ace your exams as you gain more confidence and a customised learning plan.