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Uses of Heat, Temperature and Thermometers

Uses of Heat, Temperature and Thermometers

Uses of Heat is used differently at home and in industry. We use heat at home for ironing clothes, cooking and heating up the room during winter when it is cold. In an industry, uses of heat are used to melt metals to make cars and building materials.

Temperature is a measure of a degree of how hot or cold an object is. Temperature is nor a form of energy, unlike heat. Our normal body temperature is 37°C while the average room temperature is 28°C.

Thermometers are special instruments used to measure accurately the temperature of an object. A thermometer is made of a glass tube with a cylindrical bulb at one end. The end (bulb) of the thermometer is sealed. The glass tube is filled with either mercury (poisonous silvery liquid) or alcohol (colourless). If alcohol is used, it is usually coloured red to make it visible. The markings on the thermometer tell the temperature (in degree Celsius/°C) by the level of the liquid.

A clinical thermometer is used to measure human body temperature. There are many different types of clinical thermometers. One type of clinical thermometer is the liquid in glass thermometer. This thermometer is placed under the tongue or arm when used. The construction of this thermometer prevents the mercury from falling back so as to allow us to have time to read the temperature. Other types of clinical thermometer are the modern ear thermometer and liquid crystal thermometer.

Other temperatures measuring devices are the temperature sensor and data logger and pyrometer. This is an electrical device that responds to changes in temperature and is connected to a data logger. The pyrometer measures the temperature of hot objects by detecting the heat they give out.

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