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What is friction?

What is friction?

Today in physics tuition, we will learn about a very important phenomenon in Physics. It is a matter of common observation that a rolling ball comes to rest after some time. Similarly, other moving objects also come to rest on their own. You tend to slip and fall on wet surfaces, but not so easily on dry roads. Do you know why this happens? You will find in today’s physics tuition, the real reason behind these observations. Your physics tuition will give you answers to all these queries.

Every object in motion is opposed by a force called the force of friction. Friction always acts in the opposite direction of the motion. Its force depends upon the roughness of the surface in contact. Moreover, It is not dependent on the area of contact. The frictional force decreases as the smoothness between the two surfaces in contact increases.

Friction is of two types: sliding and rolling. Sliding friction is more than the rolling friction. That is why rolling of bodies is easier than sliding.

Friction is both useful and harmful for us. Due to friction, wear and tear of the moving parts of machine takes place. Machines become hot due to this and large amount of energy goes to waste. Due to friction, the tyres of the moving vehicles deteriorate. Lubricants are used to reduce the force of friction. Oils, greases, graphite etc. are used as lubricants.

Friction is also useful. If there was no friction, no vehicle would have moved. It would have been impossible to apply brakes. It would have been difficult to hold things or even write on paper. Without friction, construction of houses would have been impossible because no brick would stick with the other brick. From these facts, we conclude that friction is a necessary evil for the mankind.

We hope you enjoyed this lesson from physics tuition. We will be back with more such interesting findings in our next physics tuition.

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