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What is the best subject combination for you?

What is the best subject combination for you?

Triple Science? Double Science? Combined Science? Which is the best combination for you? Calling out to all Secondary 2 students!!!! With streaming coming up soon, its time you start considering your choice for subject combinations! You do have to put in more effort in considering as these choices will end up to be your O-Level subjects and most likely, your JC combinations as well! But if you still have no clue about it, fret not as Miracle Learning Centre is here to provide you with some tips!!

With Chemistry being the central and core Science in the Singapore education context, it is compulsory for all students to take up Chemistry as one of their ‘O’ level subjects, regardless if it is Pure Chemistry or Combined Chemistry with Biology/Physics. Without ‘O’ level Chemistry, you would be barred from any Science stream in JC. Therefore, it is only beneficial for the students to do well for Chemistry as many university courses related to life sciences such as medicine, pharmacy as well as engineering would require students to have ample knowledge in the field of Chemistry. At Miracle Learning Centre, we recognise the need and demand for Chemistry lessons and we do provide a variety of classes for you to choose from. Our Chemistry teachers are all well experienced teachers who used to teach full time at MOE schools.

Other than Chemistry, students can also choose to take up either Physics or Biology as their second subject or even both. It is all up to the choice of the student and their area of interest. If the student is more interested in the engineering sector, Physics would be a better choice for them. However if the student is more into the life science field, adequate knowledge in the Biology field would be a plus point for them. However, as some students are unaware of their field of interest, they might take on all 3 sciences to provide them with the basic knowledge as well as a rough guide on the requirements needed for each subject and this will provide them with a basis of comparison when they need to choose their subject combinations in JC. You may find it difficult to cope in Secondary three. When some help from Miracle Learning Centre’s Science tuition teachers and Maths tuition teachers, you will definitely be able to cruise through and even obtain distinction.

Of course, catered to the students who are more inclined to a Arts & Humanities combination, you may choose to take up Combined Science (Phy/Chem) or (Bio/Chem) for ‘O’ level to clear that required component. The syllabus covered in Combined Sciences are relatively lesser in depth as compared to pure Sciences and this might be easier to handle than students who are weaker in Science. However, you may need to consider the fact that you may be barred from taking more than 1 H2 Science when you move on to JC as most feel that the student will not be able to cope, considering they only have the basic knowledge from Combined Sciences.

However all the pros and cons may be for each choice, it is all up to you to make the best choice for yourself. Start thinking about it and if you do need any advice, you can always consult your tutors at Miracle Learning Centre and I’m sure they will be more than willing to help you! (: Whenever you need help, Miracle Learning Centre provides classes for Science tuition and Maths tuition.

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