What Kind of Learner is your Child (Visual Learner)

07 Feb What Kind of Learner is your Child (Visual Learner)

Prior to the previous article you have received, we explored the different learning aspects: visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

While observing your child studying, does he/she prefer studying alone with his/her stack of colourful notes instead with his/her group of friends? If he/she has been an avid reader since young, having a passion for written/spoken language rich in imagery, he/she may be a visual learner! Below are the characteristics of a visual learner.

Visual Learner Characteristics

• Excels at spelling but forgets names.
• Needs time to digest content before understanding lecture.
• Likes colors & fashion.
• Dreams in color.
• Understands/likes charts.
• Well-acquitted with sign language.
• Takes numerous detailed notes
• Tends to sit in the front
• Often closes eyes to visualize or remember content

• Animation helps visual learners to better remember content
• Enjoys seeing what they are learning
• Benefits greatly from illustrations and presentations that use color
• Prefers stimuli to be isolated from auditory and kinesthetic distraction
• Finds passive surroundings ideal

Once you have identified your child to be a visual learner, these are the various ways can you apply to maximize your child’s learning potential!

Learning Suggestions for Visual Learners

• Draw a map of events in history or scientific process.
• Make outlines of everything!
• Copy what’s on the board.
• Ask the teacher to diagram.
• Diagram sentences!

• Take notes and make lists.
• Watch videos.
• Color code words, research notes.
• Outline reading.
• Use flashcards.
• Use highlighters, circle words, underline

Visual learners are said to usually perform better in tests that include diagramming, reading maps and (using an outline) essays. Due to their learning style, they tend to under-perform in listening and respond tests.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for the reader’s considerations only. It is not an approved diagnostic test that guarantees the information provided herein. Do contact Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd for any enquiries.

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