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What type of learner is your child?

What type of learner is your child?

Auditory learners are those who learn best through hearing. If you have noticed your child attentively listening and repeating after his/her favourite cartoon characters since young, they may be an auditory learner! Auditory learners usually digest information by listening and then repeating! They are the complete opposites of a visual learner. Try comparing your child’s learning characteristics with the list below!

An Auditory Learner:

• Likes to read to self out loud.
• Is not afraid to speak in class.
• Likes oral reports.
• Is good at explaining
• Reads slowly.
• Can follow spoken directions well.
• Can’t keep quiet for long periods.
• Is good in study groups.
• Prefers to sit within hearing range of a lecture
• Is excellent at verbal explanations.
• Acquires knowledge by reading aloud
• Understands lessons easily by verbalizing content to themselves*

If you can identify most of the characteristics above with your child, you now know that your child learns best by listening! To maximize your child’s potential, we are now going to equip you with knowledge on how your child can benefit being an auditory learner!

Auditory Learners Can Benefit from:
• Using word association to remember facts and lines.
• Recording lectures.
• Watching videos.
• Repeating facts with eyes closed.
• Participating in group discussions.
• Using audiotapes for language practice.
• Taping notes after writing them.

You can expect your child to score well when the school tests him/her on his/her written responses after a lecture or also at an oral examinations! However, due to their learning style, they may not be able to do as well compared to a test that requires them to read passages and write answers in a limited time frame. Hence, teaching them to self-read and internal verbalization may help during examinations.

*If they don’t they have difficulty reading maps or diagrams or handling conceptual assignments like mathematics

Disclaimer: This information is intended for the reader’s considerations only. It is not an approved diagnostic test that guarantees the information provided herein. Do contact Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd for any inquiries.

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