Why choose Miracle Learning Centre for math and science tuition

04 Feb Why choose Miracle Learning Centre for math and science tuition

At Miracle Learning Centre, we believe in the importance of a math and science tuition centre to a student.

We believe we can find the inspiring, caring, patient, knowledgeable tuition teachers. We put the teachers through an interview, tests of math and science knowledge, communicate with them, observe their class and obtain feedback from the students and parents. We believe the standard of our teachers is the key to our and the students’ success. We believe we have the knowledge and acumen and right judgement after been in the education industry for more than fifteen years. We have perfected the workflow and systems required to monitor the students and teachers.

The conducive classroom is vital for the students to study and learn well. Home may be too comfortable or relaxing for the students. A group of students can spur the students to be competitive and yet friendly, cultivate friendship and share knowledge with one another

Miracle Learning Centre has the specially designed math and science tuition notes and worksheets and teaching methodology.

We are conveniently located next to Beauty World MRT in the heart of Bukit Timah in the vicinity of many of the top schools in Singapore. We are located in a shopping mall which provides all the amenities you can ask for.

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