Why is math and science tuition in Singapore important?

04 Feb Why is math and science tuition in Singapore important?

At Miracle Learning Centre, we believe in the importance of math and science tuition. Math and science tuition is important to all types of students, whether they are doing well or not in their studies. The importance of math and science tuition is akin to having a mentor or coach. A tuition teacher will teach you the basics, improve your understanding, answer your queries, polish your exam techniques, and perfect your math and science exam scores. Who better to gauge how well you are doing in your math and science subject? The class size in school is not conducive for intensive assessment and teaching of the student. Ignorance is not bliss. A student may think he or she has a perfect grasp of the subject and yet may have gaping holes in the knowledge. A student may know he or she is floundering in the subject but does not know how to improve. The education system in Singapore is second to none, and our students need all the help they can get. Our tuition teachers will give them all the help they need to ace their math and science exams.

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