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Why Solving Previous Year Question Papers Is Essential In Our Chemistry Tuition?

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Why Solving Previous Year Question Papers Is Essential In Our Chemistry Tuition?

Being a student, you may have faced a common thing which is that everyone asks you to solve question papers from the previous years. And you might wonder why it that and how is that even a solution? You may have followed this advice given by your Chemistry Tuition blindly, or not paid any attention to that, but we from Miracle Learning are here to tell you that what is the importance of solving previous year questions.

Practice Helps to be Perfect

All of us have heard that practice makes us perfect which means that with more practice you will surely be good at it. The same rule is applicable to the question of previous years when you are solving a problem again and again. It will help you to better understand a formula or memorize the solving steps in a much better way which will ultimately help you to improve your performance with time.

Simple Revision Method

When you solve question papers from the previous year, it works as a simple revision method and you get to revise the entire syllabus in a very easy way. No matter how much you may think that you have learned, you will not have a clear idea about it unless you practice it. For performing well in the exams, retention is vital, the previous year question will give you an idea about how much retention is there and how far ahead do you still need to reach.

Time Practice

Time management is an essential skill that you need for scoring more in an exam. The best way to learn time management is by solving the questions of the previous year. So when you are solving question papers of the previous years, you are learning the value of time and will be able to answer more in your exams in much lesser time.

Self Evaluation

By solving the past question papers you will be able to evaluate your own weakness and strengths in a much better way. When you are solving these questions, you will realize that after a few days you will be stuck at the same question or formula, and ultimately you can find out that you probably never understood the formula but just mugged it up. It can motivate you to get a better hold of the subject.

Get familiar with the exam pattern

When you solve the exam papers of the last few years, you will be having a much better understanding of the exam pattern. You will have a rough idea about what to expect and how many questions you will have to answer from each section. For example, if you are planning to solve chemistry’s board exam paper, you will clearly have an idea about how many questions will be there from organic and how many from inorganic.

We hope that this helps you to understand the importance of solving previous year question papers, and try this trick once after a time interval for ensuring that you don’t end up memorizing the questions and filling the answers like a machine. Miracle Learning Centre, being the region’s best chemistry tuition would like to tell you that solving the questions of previous years works as a great recipe for success but only if you add hard work and other preparation tactics into it.