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Young Scientist Week

Young Scientist Week

Science may sound like a tough subject but every day we all use numerous products of Science. From basic tasks like counting money, using our mobile phones, watching television, cooking food and almost every task that we do is somehow being supported by Science. Science has an explanation for everything around us. It is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects for any student to learn. Science, on the other hand, overlaps with a lot of other subjects like Geography, History, Economics, etc and itself has a lot of branches and sub-branches. So Science is important for a lot of career options. For this reason, Science is incorporated in the syllabus of students from a very initial stage.

Science cannot be learned without curiosity. Questioning the various explanations of Science gives out the best explanations and it can also bring out new ideas and inventions.

We at miracle Learning Centre, feel that the way these subjects are taught in the various schools and institutions makes it difficult for the students to grasp the concepts of Science. We have felt that students feel more encouraged and connected when they are taught using real-world examples, real-life experience, various experiments, rather than talks about concepts in theoretical terms. This makes the students to find it much easier and interesting to learn and understand Science. Science not only gives you a clear understanding of the things which are happening around you but it also sharpens the mind and builds analytic skills which are relevant in all walks of life.

At Miracle Learning Centre, we have a special session called Young Scientist week. During this week, primary school science students have the opportunity to present in front of the class for 15 minutes on any science topic of their choice. The student can use a powerpoint presentation, videos or a poster to help to explain the topic This will consolidate the student’s understanding of the science topic, hone their presentation skills and benefit the other students in the class. We will video and photograph the session and show to other students as well. This is a very enjoyable and memorable part of our tuition program.

Science classes in Miracle Learning Centre are completely different from any other education centers in Singapore and they are purely magical. Students will never find our classes boring or overburdening and they will love the learning process by heart. Join our classes of secondary science tuition, primary science tuition, IP science tuition in Singapore today.