Dear Mdm Song, Thank you for helping me in my studies! I will be able to do well in my studies because of all the assessments given to us.

Mdm Song and Miracle Learning Centre have helped me a lot and I really enjoyed the lessons with the thought that I would be able to get much knowledge. All in all, I would like to thank both Mdm Song and Miracle Learning Centre for giving me a chance to shine and prove myself. Mdm Song is the best!
Seow Jia Xuan  P6    Yew Tee Primary


Ms Mani,

Thank you, for helping me up my results 20 plus marks for my marks in Science. You teach the best in Science. Sometimes if I forgot or never bring my homework, you would give a chance. Ms Mani: Funny, “Sometimes angry”, Enjoyable lesson.

Lye Swen Yin P6
Pei Hwa P. Primary School


Mdm Song unlocked my door of knowledge for Science. I will do my best.   (A* for PSLE)

Chan Wen Xuan  P6 
Nanyang Primary School

Mdm Song, you are an awesome and amazing science teacher. Here’s a poem for you. 

Roses are red, violets are blue, but if its science, you are the best!
Mdm Song is the best of the best! I will do my best.
Kaelyn Lim        P5                       RGPS


Thanks to the Maths Teacher of Miracle Learning centre, my determination and understanding in E math has tremendously improved. Due to this, I have also greatly improved in my grades, from a D7 in the mid-year exams to an A1 for the End-Year exams in E math. The Maths Teacher is very passionate in the way he teaches, never giving up until we completely understand the topic. Such an awesome teacher is also a rare find, and besides, he is also very engaging and keeps us interested in the subject. Miracle Learning Centre is not only inclined in the tutorial aspect, but the environment and equipments also provide a good learning experience. A small class of about 3 to 5 students, each classroom will be spacious, not only that, giving more attention from the teacher too!

Thanks again!

Tan Wei Ying Secondary 3
Swiss Cottage Secondary School


Lessons with Mr Gregory Wong is both fun and interesting due to his fun personality. Every question we gone through in class were clearly explained to us in detail which allow us to have a better understanding for Physics. Mr Wong has helped me improve my grades and made physics a more interesting subject for me!

Veronica Khaw Secondary 4
Nan Hua High School

MIRACLE LEARNING CENTRE has helped raise my confidence level in studies and improved my E Maths and combine sciences. Teachers are always willing to go to the extra mile to help me.
Hsiao Irene    Sec 4       Tanglin Secondary School

Ms Ong is a helpful and caring teacher. I have been under her guidance for almost a year now and I must say that she has helped me improve in Physics tremendously. Before I attend this tuition, I was struggling to even achieve the passing mark for my Physics. However, I am now doing much better partly due to Ms Ong’s teachings.

Ms Ong is very helpful as she does her best to answer our questions. She always opens to our suggestions and never once turned us down. Even when we sometimes ask irrelevant questions, she will try her best to give an answer. Lastly, Ms Ong is caring as she often asks us how we are doing in school and if we are feeling well. She even treats us to herbal candy when we have a sore throat. Overall, I think Ms Ong is an excellent tutor and I am sure her other students would have good things to say about her as well.

Terence Leung S4

I found the lessons really helpful & I managed to clarify a lot of my doubts! Chem seemed much more manageable after going for tuition as everything was very clearly explained. Also, I actually look forward to going for tuition.! I now understand the concepts much better & would not be able to do so on my own or just from lectures & tutorials.
Sophia Loo    JC1                                       
St Andrews  Junior College

Chemistry in JC is tough, & Mr Yang’s explanations make the concepts  easy to understand. I have been able to solve questions & tackle tutorial worksheets with few difficulties.
Frida Lau   JC1                                             Anglo Chinese Junior College




Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd started in 2008 as a centre specializing in Mathematics and Science.

We focus mainly on the concepts at the beginning. Then we further explain the concepts through questions in the worksheets. Nearly all our teachers are ex-school teachers. Our teachers are extremely patient and caring. They are well-versed in their particular subject area and always do their best to help every student. Our class size is small and it helps us to cater to each student’s needs.

The subjects we cover for 'O' level and IP include Additional Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science.

We have our own set of notes and worksheets for the various subjects.

For A level Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Biology, Economics, we have our very experienced Lecturers. They have vast experience and explain concepts very well. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge from their JC and university.

Primary Mathematics Program
Miracle Learning Centre  employs the“triple A” teaching method.
“AAA” is a systematic approach that builds heuristic problem solving skills in your child.

Attitude (mindset)
- Miracle LC  incorporates motivational techniques into fun, interactive lessons that build up speed and accuracy in problem solving. Students grow in self-belief, and approach problem sums confidently.

Aptitude (ability)
- With the right attitude, interest in mathematics can be fostered, and at Miracle LC, we strongly believe in (and have observed that!) interest in a subject strongly correlates to aptitude and performance.

Amplitude (depth and breadth)
- Students with the right Attitude and Aptitude can then be stretched to achieve mathematical mastery. Miracle LC’s  In-House programmes systematically guide students from P1 to P6, providing students with challenging questions at every step of the way.
Our guided worksheets encourage self-learning. This allows students to develop critical/logical thinking, model drawing and problem sum interpretation.

Primary Science Program
Our science programme promises to be more than just knowledge.

Arouse Interest
At Miracle LC, we carry out experiments that demonstrate scientific concepts. Instead of spoon feeding answers, we employ appropriate questioning techniques that lead students to state observations, predict outcomes and arrive at a more accurate scientific understanding.
Students also present projects on science-related researchthatare not syllabus bound. By opening up the spectrum of topics available, students in Miracle LC  study the science they WANT to, and not the science they are FORCED to.

Answering Technique
Answers for structured questions need to explained clearly and systematically. Students tend to take shortcuts or miss out important keywords.
Our systematic method to answer structured questions highlights the keywords, and trains students to look for clues in the question, in order to apply scientific facts to answer in a clear and concise manner.

All Rounded Development
Would you want your child to develop only his/her IQ and neglect his/her EQ?
In MIRACLE LC, we develop children holistically, by incorporating into our science curriculum a myriad of activities that teach life skills.
Presentations and in-class discussions will help your child develop crucial public speaking skills and research skills.

We have our own set of notes and worksheets for Primary School Science. We carry out simple experiments during the holidays and if the topic is appropriate. In addition, we have fun worksheets consisting of Word Search, Word Match, Crossword puzzles and Word Scramble. Videos are also shown to enhance learning.

We have classes for Primary, Secondary and JC Maths and Science. We definitely have a class that is suitable for your child. Join us now! Call us at 6463 8756 NOW!