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Handle primary math sums with Maths tuition in Singapore

Tuition classes for primary maths

Handle primary math sums with Maths tuition in Singapore

Ace primary math sums with Maths tuition in Singapore
Kids feel frustrated while solving math problem sums. They feel doing them is quite a challenging task to finish. It becomes tougher when they can not understand even a single step of the sums. The young kids of Primary 1 & 2 generally become impatient in doing the problem sums. What kids need to do is – apply the heuristic methods which are represented commonly as bar graphs for solving the problems. If you are facing issues understanding primary maths problem sums,  maths tuition in Singapore can help you.

Solve primary maths sums easily under the guidance of maths tuition in Singapore
Even the hardest mathematical problem sum can be solved in a few steps only. Maths is the only field where students can take numerous approaches in order to get the solution to the problem. The step-by-step approach can assist you to unleash the solution to the sum. Primary maths 1 and 2 are the foundation stones for higher maths. If kids can not understand the basics, moving further and mastering this subject can be very difficult. So, if kids are unable to understand the topic and sums, allow them to join one of the best maths tuition in Singapore. Tuition teachers need to deal with the Primary 1 and 2 kids and teach them sums laden with fun.

In primary 1 maths, kids have to study addition, subtraction etc. and in Primary 2, kids are required to recall their Primary 1 topics, along with the new topics such as Multiplication & Division and model drawing concepts.


What are the tips for kids to follow while tackling maths problem sums?

These are the best tips to follow while pupils need to handle math problem sums by seeking help from maths tuition in Singapore.

  1. Try identifying the keywords right in the questions
    Tuition tutors generally teach kids of Primary 1 and 2 to find the keywords to mark and highlight the vital key phrases in the questions. The keywords are important, which help in streamlining their thinking process. It aids them in remembering particular concepts and where to use them.
  2. Avoid careless mistakes by labelling the models
    Let us take an example: Candy has $20 marbles. He has $6 less than Ben. So, how much money does Ben have? Try to highlight the key phrase -“Less than”. It helps kids to understand simply subtracting the number. Labelling the entity that has “More” or “Less” things eases the process and allows you to commit fewer careless mistakes.
  3. Replace the values again with the question
    For checking the answers, mathematics tutors always recommend focusing on replacing the values back into the given question. This habit is good and permits the kids to get back to the previous steps which they have taken for deriving answers. Through this, kids can correct their mistakes.


So, if you follow the above tips, solving primary math 1 and 2 math problem sum can become easy. We suggest students keep extra time in the main exam to recheck the answers. If you find solving the problem sums is difficult, try reaching out to maths tuition in Singapore.