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About Us

Dr Lew (MBBS) and Mrs Lew are founders of Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd which started in 2008.

Mrs Lew was an ex school teacher at Maris Stella High School and Crescent Girls’ School with more than 20years of teaching experience. She has taught many students Chemistry and science who only have amazing things to say about her teaching methods. She is known to produce results as her determination to do so is never fazed by any challenge that any students pose. Mrs Lew graduated from St Nicholas Girls’ School and VJC.

Dr Lew is from RI, RJC and attended medical school in NUS. His vast knowledge and insight has helped bring Miracle to a new level.


Why Miracle ?

Miracle was set up to help students learn better and faster. How? By providing an easy to understand explanation of concepts with good application techniques, students can score well with much less effort and time.

Miracle helps academically weak and strong students excel in school.

Miracle believes every child and everyone is a MIRACLE. (With the various systems in the body all functioning simultaneously)

Hence, each of us, teachers and students is able to go on and create more miracles in our lives and other people’ lives!

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  • Specialist in Maths, Science, Chemistry and Physics tuition for Primary, Secondary and JC.
  • Able to spend less time on learning, grasp the salient points and answer your queries.
  • In a small class group tuition setting.
  • Abundant worksheets and other study resources for the students.
  • Reinforce students’ understanding by going through our customised worksheets.
  • Our teachers are former school teachers, who are well trained, passionate and will go the extra mile to ensure the students do well.
  • Conveniently located in Bukit Timah, Beauty World Centre next to Beauty World MRT.


Chemistry Tution

Chemistry is such a subject which has a lot to offer you and can make you fall in love with it only if understood correctly. It deals with the world of the composition of the things that exist around you. The subject comprises of a lot of scope for you to discover as it offers a wide range of possibilities and there are a lot of professions that this branch of science has got to offer. But if you fail to comprehend it properly, you will not be able to have fun. There are several concepts associated with Chemistry and almost every chapter is interconnected with the other. Find out more at our Chemistry Tuition page.

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Reasons to join our Chemistry Tuition Classes


Guidance from the best teachers

A tuition center is defined by the teaching team it boasts. Every student may have different ways of learning, they may need special guidance for certain topics and subjects. Everyone may have different needs and a teacher must be able to guide them thoroughly. We have the most friendly teachers who are always ready to help you out at every step of your learning. They will show you the easiest way of answering a question.


Free Consultation

If you have any additional doubts or questions regarding our lessons then you can get free unlimited consultations to face to face or over the phone. Our teachers have the right understanding and training to know which student needs what and how to help them out. Our teachers know the need for engaging and motivating students at several stages of cognitive development. For this, they tweak their teaching methods accordingly.

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Flexible Schedule

There are a wide number of class slots available with us over the week, the timings of which are decided based upon the popular demands of the students to cater to the different schedules of Several schools and the schedules of the individual students. You can choose the most convenient timing which suits your needs and move on with our classes.

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One to one attention

In schools, teachers can never offer individual attention to each and every student as there are so many students in each class. We feel the need for individual attention and for that, we keep our classes limited to only 8 students per class, except sec 1 and 2 science which has 5 students per class to offer you the best experience with individual guidance. We believe that every student can have different needs and different ways of learning, keeping that in mind we are always there to offer all-round attention.



We are aimed at offering high quality and affordable Chemistry tuitions for all the students who are desiring to score more in Chemistry and can take their learning experience to the next level. We can assure you that at our classes you will find the best guidance under the most superior teachers at a great price point. You will be receiving complete notes, study materials and the occasional test will also be conducted.


Making Loveable

We understand the dynamics of a class and we employ a varied range of teaching techniques for engaging students of different learning styles and scaffold their learning. On top of that, the vast experience of our teachers and and its branches are really enjoyable and inspiring which can help students excel in no time.

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Miracle Learning Centre is the best tuition centre for you if you want to score well in Maths, Science, Chemistry and Physics.

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