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For Secondary Science Tuition 1 and 2 Science only(Lower Secondary Science), every school has a different syllabus. There are NO FIXED TOPICS that all the schools have to cover. If a tuition class caters to a general topic that is not covered in the school, your child may not benefit from the science tuition class.

Your child needs to learn the topics that are covered in his or her school. Our lower secondary science tuition classes are limited to about four or five students unless they are from the same school. We cater to the student’s school topics and ensure they are studying in line with what is taught in school.

If you have friends from the same school who can form a new class, the Miracle Learning Centre is most willing to form a new class. If your friends are from different schools, it is not a problem either.

For upper secondary science tuition classes, Miracle Learning Centre has combined physics/chemistry classes and combined biology/chemistry classes. (Note: For Pure Chemistry and Pure Physics, please refer to chemistry tuition and physics tuition)

Our Secondary Science tuition teachers are ex-school teachers and very experienced in their own field. It is very difficult to find good Science teachers who can explain Science concepts well. If the teacher is not proficient in explaining the science concept clearly, you will end up being more confused and unsure what the topic is about.

Secondary science tuition teachers are experts in their specific subject area and you will definitely understand the topic and be able to do well. Secondary Science tuition teachers in the Miracle Learning Centre are patient, caring, experienced and you can add any other adjective that describes a GREAT teacher! Science tuition teachers in the Miracle Learning Centre are FANTASTIC!!!

Secondary School is categorised into Lower Secondary Science, IP Science for Lower Secondary, Combine Science (Upper Sec), Pure Physics(Upper Sec), Pure Chem(Upper Sec), Pure Biology(Upper Sec).

In this page, we will only focus on

a) Lower Secondary Science,
b) IP Science for Lower Secondary,
c) Combine Science (Upper Sec).


Profile of Secondary Science Tuition Teachers

Miss Tan

Miss Tan is a dedicated and patient teacher with 13 years of teaching experience. Over the years, Miss Tan has taught pupils from more than 50 secondary schools in Singapore and has accumulated a vast experience in coaching pupils.

Miss Tan was an NIE-trained ex-secondary school teacher for several years before switching to teach at the centre. Fuelled with a strong passion to teach and impart knowledge, Miss Tan believes she can bring out the hidden potential in every pupil and ignite their interest in learning Maths and Science concepts. Many real-life examples and analogies are often used to make lessons interesting and easy to remember. Do join us and you know we’ll make a difference to your learning!

Ms Ong

Miss Ong is an ex-secondary school science teacher for 5 years, and work on improving the academic results of students and nurturing an environment that promotes creativity and innovation within individuals. She is experienced in providing class tuition for lower Sec Science/Physics/Chemistry for more than 10 yrs.

Miss Ong has a Bachelor of Applied Science with Merits (Materials Engineering) from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore(NTU) and a Diploma in Education (Post-Graduate) Secondary from National Institute of Education(NIE).

Science Tuition Testimonials for Miss Tan

Ms Tan is a kind and helpful teacher. She is always ready to help me whenever I needed help in any question. She always gives me sufficient notes so that I can study for exam and the notes were helpful. She is also very patient when teaching me when I did not know how to do a question.

Javier SimChung Cheng High School

Miss Tan is a patient and non-pushy teacher who gives out work at our own pace. She has a vast knowledge about these areas such as Mathematics and Science and able to answer me in a logical format that I want to mirror. Miss Tan is a good teacher for those who want to learn for she will not force us to do more or listen more. The practise, she has given me has helped me to better understand the topics.

Benjamin ChewS2 Science Fairfield Secondary School

Thank you Miss Tan for teaching me Science and helping me improve from a C5 to A2.

Bing EnnS2 Science Fuhua Secondary School

Miss Tan, Thank you for your helpful teaching of me in Science!

Ansell ChanS2 Science Fuhua Secondary School

Dear Ms Tan,

Thank you for helping me in my Science. I improved a lot from my CA1 to my CA2. I improved from a B4 to an A1.

Thank you Miracle

Thank you Miss Tan!

Nicole LohS2 Science West Spring Secondary School

Science Tuition Testimonials for Miss Ong

Ms Ong is a caring and helpful teacher. Even though I have been with for only 2 weeks, I feel that my Physics is improving. Before I attended this tuition, I was barely passing my Physics. But after a few lessons with her, I feel that my Physics is slowly getting better. She is a very caring teacher as she often asks how we are doing in school and if we were feeling alright. Overall, I think Ms Ong is an excellent tutor.

Zhao HuiS2 Science Bukit View Sec School

M otherly / M iraculous

S cientific

O wesome

N ice

G reat Teacher

Amos LauS2 Science Jurong West Sec School

Miss Ong is a kind and understanding teacher. She has a vast knowledge of many things. I have been under her guidance for almost 2 years now and have learned a lot. From having just C’S before I came under her guidance, but now I have started to score very well mostly getting A2’S or A1’S for my Science Exams and test, thanks to Miss Ong. Other than helping with pulling up my grades she also helps me when I feel tired or stressed, even when I’m feeling down, she brings me back up. I have been to many different tuition centres and have met many teachers who taught me science, I have found that Miss Ong is true to the name of her workplace is a miracle. Shining brightly like the light at the end of the tunnel guiding us. Even when I am annoying she still deals with me.

Glenn Soh Zi HaoS2 Science Chestnut Drive Sec School

Dear Ms Ong,

Thank you for being so caring and patient to us.

You are a great teacher.

Esther SinghS4 Combined Science Commonwealth Sec School

Ms Ong

Thank you for being very patient and loving towards us even when make so much noise in class. To me you’re more of a friend than a teacher due to the care and concern you have shown us throughout these 2 years that you have taught me.

Keefe LauS4 Combined Science Fairfield Methodist Sec School

Science Tuition Testimonials for Miss Lin

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